Friday, April 1, 2011

Improving the Foster Care System - Part XX

Today's installment in my series Improving the Foster Care System, looks to improve basic safety for foster parents, social workers, and just about everyone involved in the foster care system.

My idea for improvement this week?

Arm social workers.

Every social worker who has contact with foster children, birth parents, the court system or foster parents should be required to carry a sidearm. Each worker should have to pass a monthly recertification test to make sure that his or her shooting skills are up to par.

Why should we do this?

To make sure that workers are safe from dangerous and violent people. If a worker is armed, she can protect herself in all of the most dire circumstances.

But even better, if a child, birth parent or foster parent gets too out of line, she can simply "take care of the problem" herself, using her highly-trained professional judgement. With a sidearm, she literally can serve the role of judge, jury and executioner, and as a society we won't have to worry about all the expense of court hearings and argumentative lawyers slowing down the process.

I predict that allowing social workers to behave like the law men of the old wild west will streamline the foster care system and get things in line very quickly.

* * *

Oh, did anyone happen to notice today's date?

April Fool's Day.


  1. i almost shot myself.

    while a true believer of "the right to bare arms" as evidence by the dam fact that my therapist has one of my firearms... giving social workers guns is almost as bad as giving them the power to make decisions.

    thanks for the joke, needed one today

  2. Those with the ability to wield Godlike power should have no need for guns.


  3. Oh my - you got me! I was wondering where this was headed and a little more than skeptical - I honestly think I lost my sense of humor when I lost my mind (I can't exactly remember when that

    Whew! You have to admit, this could actually streamline things and save the workers alot of time and energy - especially with them having absolute immunity and all.


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