Friday, October 21, 2011

What is it with Blogging These Days?

Two of my favorite bloggers have closed down.  One has decided to stop blogging, and the other has gone private.  I am going to miss both of them a great deal, and I feel sad that they won't be writing publicly anymore.

Although I understand their reasons for doing so, it also makes me sad.  It makes me sad because I think their opinions, their stories, their challenges and their solutions are valuable to everyone.  It is much harder for people to connect, when good bloggers go silent.

I can't say that I blame either one of them.  Sometimes, blogging isn't very fun.  I've been called names, I've been threatened, I've even had a group of stalkers hunt me down and turn me into child protection services falsely claiming that I was emotionally, physically and sexually abusing my kid.

It sucks to be on the receiving end of all of that.  It sucks a lot.

But I also think that it is hugely important for our stories to be told.  Prospective foster and adoptive parents really need to understand what they are getting into, which they don't really seem to understand when they attend PRIDE or MAPP classes.  People come into the system, optimistic and convinced that a stable home environment, proper discipline, and love will give these kids the chance they deserve in life.

It's true that those things certainly won't hurt a child, but when people think these tools will fix kids or make them whole, they are wrong.

Dead wrong.

I wish that when people quit blogging, they'd leave their blogs open.  Even if the author doesn't want to write any longer, their stories still have value to those that come later.

When I look at my feed reader, I find dozens of blogs that were closed, made private or abandoned.  I keep many of them in the hopes that their authors will come back at some point.  Once in a while, I'm pleased to see someone return who has been long-absent.  Most of the time, my old feeds remain ghosts.

So goodbye Corey and Kari.  I'm going to miss you both a great deal.


  1. It takes guts to be a blogger. It's not for everybody. Especially when you blog about a controversial issue such as foster care and adoption. There will be people who disagree with you. Even more so when you take it from the perspective that I have. I get attacked and criticized more than anybody. But love me or hate me they still read my blog.

    So be it.


  2. Im going to miss them as well. I am exactly the same with my reader, I keep hoping

  3. Thank you for the support. Parenting our kids is SUCH an exhausting venture and I feel like I have lost my own sense of self. I want to reclaim my life. I do feel that people would benefit from having my blog left up (and I would always know where to find my carrot cake recipe), but there are so many people that then reach out for help and support.. And I need to let that go.

    In other news, V has been at the boarding school for 3 months now. She has been suspended twice, and is failing art (seriously?). BUT! She is still there and not here, so everyone is happy.


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