Friday, May 18, 2012

I Hope I Haven't Spoken too Soon

Yesterday afternoon we went to our weekly counseling session.   While we were in the waiting room, Danielle expressed that she was very, very, very angry.

We never did find out why she was so furious.  When we asked her, she wasn't even sure herself.  It was as if a large storm blew in, rumbled for a while, and then blew out.

To her credit, she didn't explode.  That's a plus.

Still, her anger leaves me worried.  This time it seemed as if she was furiously angry for absolutely no reason.  I just hope I haven't spoken too soon about the medication being helpful.


  1. Well, she IS a teenage girl...

  2. I think it´s a big step to be able to express her anger as opposed to just act angry and start hitting or whatever she does when she feels that way. Hope she understands soon that she is wasting her time...


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