Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Lunch Triangulation

Ah, the ongoing saga of school lunches.

Yesterday, Danielle's teacher e-mailed to tell me that Danielle had gone to school for the second day in a row with no lunch and no money to buy lunch.  Danielle had reported she was tired and dizzy.  The teacher sought my input.

I replied with the obvious: Please remind Danielle that it is her responsibility to pack a lunch.

This morning, the teacher e-mailed me to say that she had already done that, several times, and that Danielle had given her the same answers (she had a lunch or she wasn't hungry) that she'd given us.

And then?

The teacher admitted she had loaned Danielle the money to buy lunch, but that she couldn't make a practice of it.

I didn't say this, but I thought to myself, Honey, you have just been had!

I told the teacher that I thought Danielle was simply trying to manipulate everyone (teacher/us) into buying her lunch at the school cafeteria.  I explained that it's far less expensive for Danielle to make use of the food we have available here than to spend $5/day on school lunches.

There is no shortage of food here at the house.  At almost 17 years old, we can't force Danielle to make use of the food that's available.


  1. What if she was allowed to buy lunch once a week? Or make lunch from the school a reward for good behavior?

  2. I hate that food is a trauma trigger for my kids, it makes this whole school lunch thing even worse. Yes, we're going through almost identical issues. Our school district doesn't have to meet federal food guidelines so the lunches are NOT nutritionally balanced at ALL, so I hate having her eat at school.

  3. I think that many people are too careless with their online-identities... and I think that if you blog, on the long run, it is virtually impossible not to give away clues that will allow complete strangers to identify you...


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