Tuesday, April 24, 2012

High School Exit Exam

This afternoon, we received a copy of Danielle's state high school exit exam results.  This is a test that, at least in our state, all students must pass before they graduate.

As we predicted, Danielle failed.

In order to pass, a student has to score 77%.  Danielle scored 75% on the English/Language Arts portion of the test, and 73% on the Mathematics.

She failed, but not by much.  We are both quite surprised to see she came so close on her first try.

I have to say that I'm blown away.

FosterEema and I have both listened to her read, quizzed her on her comprehension, and read her writing.  When I compare samples of what she writes with things I wrote at a similar age, the difference is astounding.  It makes me scared, not only for Danielle's future, but for the future of this country.

I can't believe that our academic standards have fallen so low.  It's no wonder the United States is falling so far behind.


  1. Aren't you an author? So isn't that comparison a little unfair?

    1. I don't really consider myself an author/writer. However, the writing samples I'm comparing were written when I was the same age as Danielle.

  2. I would say that (and NOT meaning this as snarky AT ALL) you really don't realize quite how far above average you seem to have been as a child both intellectually and maturity-wise.

    This is extremely common among the above-average, especially those who hang out with like-minded poeple. You normalize your expectations to the people you associate with.

  3. uhm, but you might want to tell Danielle just about the first part, that she came very close and did much better than you expected, and not so much about the second part...

    She needs encouragement.

  4. I am considering becoming an adoptive parent, and have spent lots of time reading blogs, in order to get a balanced view. I began by reading many of the red thread and ladybird idealistic cutie blogs, and gradually made my way to your blog. You have such a wonderful, direct, almost flat way of describing your experiences. I would really appreciate having the opportunity to read the beginning of your AP situation. Please could you do a "how it all began" post? I tried to look for your oldest blog entry, but to no avail.

  5. I realise you were comparing something you wrote at that age, with something she wrote. The point is that the comparison may not be appropriate here. You might be better in English than the average person, which would just further devalue Danielle's efforts etc.

  6. Of course, you also consistently attended school, were not abused or neglected, and came from a middle-class family that was (presumably) not only literate, but well-educated.

  7. The ancient Greeks used to complain about how young people just weren't as literate/physically fit/generally capable of becoming self-sufficient as their great-grandfathers had been when they were young.
    There are indications that American teenagers are actually SMARTER in some ways than previous generations. Today's kids aren't as skilled at route memorization as kids of 50 or 100 years ago but they're better at problem-solving and accessing information.
    That's in general, of course. Actual performance may vary depending on the individual.


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