Monday, July 18, 2011

Baggage, Too

It looks like I'm not the only one who is sick and tired of pointless child welfare investigations.  Baggage is tired of it, too.  On Saturday, she wrote:

I'm so sick of everything involving DFS. My kid is hospitalized again, and we are trying to get her into residential. We have another investigation against us. The investigator was really nice, and I'm sure it will be unsubstantiated, because of course, it was unsubstantiated. And my daughter, she is sick and she needs help. I keep telling myself that.

All I can say,  Baggage, is that I completely hear you.  I'm sick and tired of pointless investigations that waste my time, make my child upset, and make it impossible to get any good, productive work done.  Let's face it -- one can't concentrate on work when one is thinking about what might happen when the social worker comes calling, even if one knows they have done nothing wrong.

We are to the point where unexpected visitors to the door create great anxiety for everyone in the house.  Earlier today, a woman came to the door wanting to talk to someone who doesn't live here.  It turned out the door-knocker was at the wrong address, but her badge, dress and professional manner of speaking (she wasn't from the child abuse patrol, as near as we could tell) gave everyone a brief scare.  Our child stepped away from the door, wide eyed and frightened, as if she'd seen a ghost.

We shouldn't have to live this way.

NOBODY should have to live this way.


  1. Absolutely ridiculous! I'm left with the questions though of just how in the world do we fix it all? There will always be legitimate cases, so the absolving the entire system isn't the answer. But a total system revamping is absolutely necessary...all over this country. I hurt for all of my friends that struggle in situations like these.

  2. 'Doorbell PTSD' it's called.

    It's a common disorder caused by multiple investigations. Lots of parents suffer from it.

    Described as sudden panic attack instigated by an unexpected knock at the door or ring of the doorbell.


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