Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Ditching and Failing

This afternoon, FosterEema checked the school's attendance and grading system.

Danielle's attendance record is showing at least one unexplained absence.  She told us that her homeroom teacher had asked her to stay late, so she missed one of her elective classes.  Her homeroom teacher was supposed to clear that same day, but obviously that didn't happen.

The school's attendance system called us to advise us of the absence, and it still remains in the computer, despite Danielle's assurances that the absence was legitimate.

* * *

Danielle's grades, at least in her elective classes, are lousy.  She's showing a C minus in two of her classes and is failing the third.  I know she is capable of doing better, but it seems that she hasn't been turning in all her assignments.

The class she is failing?

Conflict Management

* * *

When Danielle came home from school this afternoon, she told us that she took the first half of our state's high school exit exam.  Every student must pass this test in order to graduate with a diploma.  Special Education students who are unable to pass the exam receive a certificate of completion instead.

Danielle felt confident that she had passed.  When we asked her about the types of questions on the test, however, her answers were so vague that it made me wonder if she really understood the work that was being asked of her.  She mentioned there were sections of the test that she didn't understand, even after the teacher explained them.

As recently as last year, Danielle scored at "far below proficiency" when she took the state-mandated standardized academic tests. Since I don't think the high school exit exam is any easier than the test she took last year, I don't share her optimism.

I hope she passed.  The realist in me fears that she did not.

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