Monday, February 6, 2012

Unsafe on the Road

This weekend, we went and visited my mother.  Although the visit was mostly pleasant, Danielle started acting up when it was time to go.  She was being insulting and rude, because I'd dared disagree with her over an item of fashion.

My mother, who usually remains silent no matter how dreadful Danielle becomes, called her on her behavior. She was none too nice about it, and in the end demanded, "Is this behavior really necessary?"

Danielle admitted that it was not, but then rolled her eyes and made ugly faces as she headed out the door.

My mother called her on that, too.  Even though she was angry at Danielle, she still gave her a hug as we left.

On the way home, Danielle behaved unsafely in the car, and experienced a natural consequence of that behavior.

Fortunately, nobody got hurt.  It is a darn good thing that we enabled the rear-door child safety locks on our car a few weeks ago.

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