Friday, February 3, 2012

Next Time, Knife?

Wednesday afternoon and evening, Danielle had what I guess what could be called a "mild" temper tantrum, because she didn't like the scheduling of her doctor's appointment the following day.

I'm not going to bother detailing a blow-by-blow account, because it consisted of the same old routine of arguing, name-calling, and accusing us of various crimes that we've committed only in her mind.

But she did ask me a question that was pretty disturbing.

When I told her I didn't like her behavior, she responded with a veiled threat.

"Oh, so next time would you like me to stab you with a knife, instead?" she demanded.

Last night, FosterEema took Danielle to her weekly meeting with her therapist, and she shared Danielle's remarks.

The therapist remains concerned about the safety in our home.

I am frustrated.

If we have a kid who is threatening harm to self and others on a weekly basis, whose behavior has her parents, teacher, doctor, therapist and school officials all concerned, why is it that the powers-that-be won't hospitalize her?

It doesn't make any sense to me.


  1. I have the impression that they just reproduce the type of reactions they received in their first homes. This is what they learnt.

    I don't have a solution, but perhaps you might learn interesting things by asking back "Has anyone said this to you in your life?" and show empathy about it and tell her "I would never threaten you like this, (nor should you"

  2. None of those people ever helped with hospitalization for me. I ALWAYS had to go through the local hospital ER. Hospitalizing a kid is a bunch of paperwork and finding a bed and nobody really wants to be bothered. But if she is at the regular hospital, they usually won't discharge without sending her to the hospital because of their liability. Although, the psych hospital is rarely very helpful. They are all set up for acute care, which means she will only be there a week or so, and they tend to really cause triangulation between regular therapists, parents, etc. Sucks.


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