Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Doctor Medicates

Finally, after years of begging, our pediatrician finally agreed to write a prescription for medication.

I'm not sure that the selected drug is the best choice given the circumstances, but our state-funded medical insurance has specific rules about psychotropic medications, and it seems they go with the cheapest one first.  If it fails to work, the doctor will incrementally increase the dosage to the safe maximum; after that she'll switch to other drugs.

It's a start, anyway.

The doctor was finally convinced when we showed her the long list of acting-out and crazy behaviors that Danielle has engaged in over the summer, both at home and while at respite.  The list included things like threats of harm to self, pets and other people, going AWOL, paranoid ideations, violence against others, endless manipulations, lying, stealing, and a really disturbing act of self-harm.

The list was pretty impressive, and the doctor was not amused.  She gave Danielle a tongue-lashing, telling her that it was time she grow up, quit acting like a little child, and to knock off the drama.  She told FosterEema that Danielle was behaving just like a four-year-old, throwing tantrums, being self-absorbed, and engaging in all kinds of irrational thinking.

I doubt the lecture did any good, but it certainly made Danielle squirm in the doctor's office.

I hope the medication does the child some good, but the doctor admonished Danielle and told her that she needs to change her behavior. The medication might help, the doctor explained, but ultimately Danielle is responsible for her choices.


  1. Why do people suppose that she CAN make choices? Perhaps all this irrational behavious is simply the expression of deep emotional/psychologic disturbance that may or may not be caused by abuse?

    Why do the doctors not try to understand what is behind the behaviours? Dissociation? Psychosis? Anxieties?

  2. WOOHOO!!!! FINALLY! Let's hope they help and this is the start of some positive changes. I am the type of person who dislikes taking drugs and vitamins and really believes our bodies should be able to self-regulate themselves. HOWEVER, when our last foster child went home, I became very depressed and the doctor recommended I go on anti-depressant/anxiety meds for a while. I was against it - but soon realized that once I was on them, I felt better. While I still don't recommend these types of drugs to be handed out like candy, I now realize that some people just have a hard time with depression and these drugs to help even those feelings out. I know with children that depression/anxiety medication can have some adverse effects... so hopefully she will be monitored carefully.

    I pray and hope for ALL of yours sakes that this works.

  3. Great! Finally!
    We've had great luck with medication and I can't believe they waited so long.

    The doctor seems dumb though, you don't neglect to treat mental illness for years and then scold the patient. The doctor should scold herself too for the neglect. Yes Danielle has done some horrible things but they should have treated her at a younger age so she could have controlled her impulses more and learned better. Its like scolding a blind person for not seeing but not treating them (not that I'm excusing her actions at all - I just think there are poor and ignorant services for the mentally ill).

    Good luck with the meds!


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