Tuesday, August 30, 2011


We recently received word that one of Danielle's birth siblings was convicted of a felony and sent to jail.

Given what I know about the particular family member involved, I'm not at all surprised, but the news made Danielle cry.

Oh how I wish we could cut off all contact with Danielle's birth family.  They bring no joy at all to our house.

But of course Danielle wants to see them anyway.



  1. Sad - but it's great to hear that she was able to respond to sad news with sadness and crying.

  2. Well, this shows she is attached...

    The more I think of older child adoption, the more I come to the conclusion that it is wise to allow for differences between parent-child relationships when the parents knew the child from birth and parent-child relationship where they met later in life. It is not possible to erase what was before.

  3. maybe it is quite wise that the concept of "adoption", i.e. changing someone's filiation does not exist in judaism...


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