Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Incredibly Frustrating Aftermath of Disturbing Events

Last weekend, we learned that Danielle did something very disturbing.  She told us that she cut herself, with the help of another student, at school.

The timing is a little unclear.  We aren't sure if this happened before the regular school year ended, or if it happened while she was attending summer school.  It's also possible, that she could be completely lying about where and when it happened.

Regardless of where or when she carved the name of a boy into her stomach, both her new therapist and her school should know about it.

I have been trying to reach these people all week and have been unsuccessful.

I called the therapist, but was not able to leave a message until this morning, because her voice mail system mysteriously wasn't accepting messages.  I called the director of Danielle's special program and left messages, and he has not returned my call.

This is, to put it mildly, incredibly frustrating.

How are we supposed to get the right help in place for this child, if we can't speak to the people who are in the position to help?

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