Monday, August 1, 2011

Hypothetical Question: Lethal Weapon

Here's a hypothetical question:

What would you do if you discovered papers your child had written that stated something to the effect of, if I had x I would do y, where x was a type of weapon, and y was a lethal act the child wished to commit against his or her parents?

Would it make any difference if the writing you found was a couple of months old?  What if the writings were old, but the child had said similar things recently?  What if the child had a history of violence, but hadn't seriously injured anyone?

Would you call police?  Would you contact the mental health people?  What if you had a history with both organizations not taking you seriously?

Just askin'.


  1. Honestly, I'm not sure what I would do.

    I like to think I'd contact the mental health folks- maybe not giving my name- explain the situation and ask if involuntary hospital stay would be in order....I mean it might be a way to get her help (meds) with the proof on the paper.

    It's tough- and feels like no good answer

  2. It's such a shame that CPS has made it so that a parent can't even discipline a child they way they see fit. This is why we have so many problems with kids today.

    Threats of harm to self or others should always be taken seriously.

  3. I would talk to the child about it before contacting authorities- give her a chance to explain what is/was going on in her head before making things "official." I know you have a unique situation, but teenage girls write/say a lot of things just to get stuff out. It might not mean a thing.

  4. Writing about it is not the same as doing it. I have always offered praise to my kids when they write or speak it rather than show it. I remind them that I know they sometimes feel big mean and mad feelings, and that those feelings are okay. We had a therapist that was really good - he didn't get too caught up in the shocking thing that the kids said they would do - but went right underneath it to the feelings. After seeing him do it, I started doing it. It works really well for me.

  5. I would report it to police and mental health people, but not hope to get any follow-up.

    But I think it is good you informed/warned them, in case something happens.


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