Tuesday, January 24, 2012

And the Story Changes Again

It is so frustrating, sometimes, to try and get information from Danielle.

She has told us three slightly different versions of the story:
  1. The boy ratted her out.
  2. Danielle confessed that she'd kicked the boy.
  3. The boy ratted Danielle out during group.
At the end of the day, I guess it doesn't really matter how the situation came to the attention of her teacher.

Here's what we think happened:
  1. The boy was annoying Danielle.
  2. She claims she repeatedly asked him to stop.
  3. He didn't stop.
  4. Another student asked him to stop.
  5. He didn't stop.
  6. Danielle responded by kicking him, hard, in the groin.  This was, according to her teacher, not horseplay, but a real attempt to injure.
  7. The boy revealed this in a group session.
Although I understand that group sessions need to remain confidential, I take issue with the school staff failing to contact us when violent behavior on the part of our child has been brought to their attention.

It is absolutely not my business when another child discusses his personal problems.  It is my business when another child accuses, and Danielle admits, that she has been violent.


I have to admit to being more than a little concerned about the school's lack of communication.  It seems that each time there is an incident involving my kid at school, we usually don't hear from the school.  Instead, Danielle comes home with an angry and confusing tale, and we end up having to contact the school to try to piece together what really happened.

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