Saturday, January 21, 2012

Not Following Instructions = Pain

This morning I find myself shaking my head.

Earlier this week, Danielle had to have two of her wisdom teeth extracted. Her oral surgeon gave her a detailed set of instructions, which included instructions for ice, mouth care, and the types of foods that should and should not be eaten. FosterEema carefully explained those instructions, and even offered up reminders of what Danielle needed to do, but Danielle declared those instructions "stupid" and opted to do her own thing. We decided that we weren't prepared to get into a knock-down, drag-out fight over her aftercare, so we let it drop.

Predictably, she is now suffering from more swelling and post-procedure pain than she otherwise would have. Just a few minutes ago, she stomped off to her room. She is angry at us because she chose not to follow instructions.

I guess I must be incredibly stupid. I fail to see how her decision to ignore her doctor's written instructions is our fault.


  1. Of course it's your fault! Everything that ever went wrong in the universe is your fault! Just like my kid thinks everything else that went wrong in the universe is my fault!

    All kidding aside, sometimes all you can do in the face of such irrationality is sigh and shake your head.

  2. Oh how sad for her. She still does not feel safe enough to accept responsibility for her own actions. I pray that someday she is strong enough.

    Hugs and prayers for y'all while she grows.



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