Friday, January 13, 2012

Triangulation Fail

Danielle hasn't been home even a week since our break, and things are difficult.  She's been going out of her way to be uncooperative, and literally anything we say is met with an argument or insults.

It's exhausting.

For the past few mornings, Danielle has deliberately neglected her morning chore, which is to empty the dishwasher.  Instead, she's spent excessive time primping in the bathroom, taking up to an hour fooling around with her hair and makeup.

The first day this happened, her consequence was she that had to wash our breakfast and lunch dishes since the machine was still full and we'd had to leave them in the sink.  After the second day, we confiscated all of her primping materials, including her curling iron, hair gel and makeup.  We gently explained that it was obvious her cosmetics had become a distraction that was preventing her from getting her chores done.  We helpfully decided to hang onto them, until she could show us she'd be able to get the job done without a fuss.

She tried to argue.  She whined.  She wheedled.  Then, she threatened to complain to her therapist.

"I'm going to tell [therapist] that you are taking my stuff!" she threatened ominously.

"Go ahead," we replied.

When it came time for Danielle's appointment, FosterEema spent a few minutes briefing the therapist on what was going on.  She explained Danielle was arguing about chores, being rude at every turn, and that we'd taken her cosmetics as a consequence for not emptying the dishwasher.

Danielle used the opportunity to complain, and to try to make us look as bad as she possibly could.

The therapist wasn't having any of it.  Every time Danielle tried to stick-poke or argue that her non-compliance was reasonable, the therapist called her on it.

"It's pissing me off that they are taking my stuff!" Danielle complained.

"So do what you have to do to get it back," advised the therapist.  "You just have to do what your parents ask."

Triangulation fail.

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