Tuesday, January 10, 2012

An Explosion in the Kitchen

Danielle's good attitude lasted about a day.

By yesterday afternoon, she was back to her usual tricks.  If we asked her to do something, she'd tell us, "NO!" but then she'd end up going ahead and doing it anyway.

She came home from school in a bad mood, and ended up in a worse mood when we told her we'd received a call from her homeroom teacher about her class schedule.  It worked out that the best schedule for Danielle ended up excluding her from PE with her special group at school.  We had the choice of placing her in a mainstreamed PE class (which meant uniforms, dressing out and showering in a locker room full of girls) or dealing with physical activity at home.  Since I figured the locker room scenario would end up being an epic fail, we decided she'll take PE at school next semester, and this term she'll just get some exercise at home.

Exercise at home means going running with me three or four times a week.

She didn't like that much and carried on about how her doctor told her she's anorexic and shouldn't exercise (not true), she complained, griped and bitched about how it was unfair she had to exercise with me, but I ignored her.  As soon as I was done with work for the day, I put on my running shoes and off we went, Danielle griping and complaining all the way.

We made it about 2.75 miles before she pooped out and we had to call FosterEema for a ride home.  Danielle was grumpy and threatened to refuse dinner.  We told her that was fine, but she still had to sit at the table with us.

She ate two large helpings of food.

After dinner, she helped clean up, complaining all the while, and then went to bed.

It was shortly after she went to bed, that the explosion occurred.

FosterEema and I were sitting on the sofa watching a movie (well, truthfully FosterEema was watching, and I was mostly falling asleep) when we heard a big BANG in the kitchen.  FosterEema went to to investigate, and apparently our microwave, which had not been in use, had died a sudden death.  Blue smoke wafted through the kitchen, and FosterEema could hear electronic sizzling sounds as the device coughed out its death throes.

I'm glad we were home when this happened, as this very well might have caused a house fire.  FosterEema unplugged the microwave, and we went to bed.

For once, we had an explosion in the house that didn't involve Danielle.


  1. Got me there! I thought it was Danielle!

  2. Wow, she was able to run that far? Dang. I know I couldn't make it that far.


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